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James P Dailey

The following is a summary of my cancer diagnosis (hepatocellular carcinoma) and treatment to date...

One of the indicators of liver cancer was a high AFP (Alpha Fetal Protein) count in my blood analysis. Normal for males is 0 - 8. My count was >1000. Follow-up CT Scans found two tumors in my liver, one approximately the size of a golf ball and the other slightly smaller. The scans also showed the cancer had metastasized to my lungs.

Treatment prescribed for both cancers was the drug Nexavar (Sorafenib).

I also decided to do some of my own research and came across the CAAT Program on the A P John website. After reading through all the website information I decided to adhere to the CAAT Program in conjunction with the medical treatment prescribed (Nexavar).

Three months after starting the CAAT Program my AFP count had dropped to 53.3, after nine months it was down to 6.1, which is within the normal range of 0 - 8. A CT Scan done five months after starting the CAAT Program showed the liver tumors decreasing in size , one by approximately 30% and the other by 40%. Most of the lesions on my lungs (8 total) had shown a decrease in size also.

After ten months of adhering to the CAAT Program I have resumed my normal diet incorporating much of the CAAT menu into my current diet, the main difference consisting of  the protein source to replace the CAAT protein powder.

My oncologist has stated to me that he views my progress as much better than average. My AFP count is currently 5.6 and I have a CT Scan scheduled in two months, which will be one year from the one mentioned above, hopefully with positive results.

I would like to add that according to the oncologists I have spoken with and also the drug manufacturer's data (found @   p.8), Nexavar is shown to either slow down or stop tumor growth but does not kill existing tumors. Based upon this I believe that the CAAT Program, at least in part, has been helpful in decreasing the size of the tumors and the improvement of my general health.


I am diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and start CAAT and femara 2 months ago. My CA 27-29 dropped 57 points. I look forward to my clear diagnosis. I am so appreciate to the family for keeping it available.




Debbie - Cervical Cancer

When I called A.P. John Cancer Institute, I was scared and desperate to find answers.  Having been diagnosed with Stage 2 Cervical Cancer, I was ready to do everything I could to make sure the conventional therapies my doctors were recommending had their fullest result.

The gentleman I spoke to was respectful and well informed, I had a lot of questions, and he answered them.  I did not feel pressured or "sold," to start another cancer remedy.  I was given the information I needed to make an informed decision, and I started the CAAT Protocol.  I followed the protocol and diet for five months, and during that time, the combination of prayer, conventional therapies and the CAAT Protocol caused the Cancer to go into complete apoptosis (cancer cell death).

Cindy Tyler

You came to mind today, as I am sure that was my sister speaking to me, so I am sending this acknowledgment in her response.

In September, 2002, my sister was sent home to die. Even though I had different aspirations for my sister, she did succumb to breast cancer October 5, 2002. She had a seven year battle with the disease. Unfortunately, I did not discover AP John Institute until she was sent home that September. Nonetheless, you (two brothers and your dad, as I recall) feverishly worked with me to save her. I will forever be grateful for your help and compassion, as I often think of her and you. I know your CAAT formula and other dietary/lifestyle changes would have worked, if we had more time and if my sister would have been compliant. I tell you all of this to say, "Thank You!" for giving me even another day to have spent with my sister.

When I am in a better financial situation, I will gladly provide a donation to your organization.

May God continue to guide all of your intentions and work.

Ingeborg Zielinski-Reni

When I was told by my gynecologist that the test results showed I had cancer I kind of shrug my shoulders and said OK. He must have thought I was in denial but I had always believed there was a natural solution to most illnesses, especially cancer. The real problem was WHAT SOLUTION?

While I kept myself busy figuring out who the right Oncologist would be and the right date of surgery (and how to keep the family running while I was gone), my husband was busying himself - day and night - on the computer, looking at all alternative ways to combat these evil cells in my body. During the day he was on the phone with all kinds of clinics, asking about the methods, learning about their high prices. Many nights I would be awakened by the ticking sound of the keyboard as he was looking for more solutions. We learned a lot but nothing seemed to "click" until he told me about something called CAAT. It was almost unbelievable to us that this interesting diet, combined with Amino Acids, could be done from home and actually was the LEAST in cost from all we had found. It seemed almost impossible but turned out to be true!!

After speaking with the A.P.John Clinic and verifying with the Lord, we set out for Florida to, once more, convince ourselves this was not a hoax. We talked for a whole afternoon with Angelo Jr. (the co-founder) and just could not get enough of the vast amount of knowledge he had on this subject. It all made simple sense:


Now this clicked immediately and before I knew it I was on the diet and found to my delight that it was EASY and DELICIOUS to follow!! I NEVER felt deprived and had NO DESIRE to eat any of the junk foods the world was presenting to me. I read as much as I could find on the subject and found that proteins strengthen the walls of the cancer cells and thus it became clear to me why I only ate proteins once a day and took Amino Acids for the other two meals. In the beginning I was on the phone with Angelo just about every day, asking questions, trying to understand one more time what had been explained already before; he never minded it and took the time to explain it again and more detailed. I truly loved the fact that they were so wonderful to work with and that I could follow the protocol from wherever I was. If Angelo did not hear from me for a week he was immediately on the phone to make sure I was doing well. Another benefit was that I was losing weight and I needed that. It also included a formula however for those that need to gain weight.

My Oncologist though was NOT happy. He said that if I did not do the chemo and radiation – I would be dead in two years!! That was now two and a half years ago!! He suggested I do both – the conventional way and CAAT. I learned, through reading a lot, that the medical establishment is forced by law to recommend chemo etc. or they will be liable for anything that could go wrong. I slightly worried about my next PET scan and just hoped for the best. Needless to say that the JOY I feel every time I hear the words NO CANCER DETECTED fills me tremendously, and am I declared again CANCER FREE!!!!

I feel so confident with CAAT that I share my experience with everyone, especially those who have nothing else to lose but their lives. It is NEVER TOO LATE TO START CAAT!! I share my story because, when I was going through this all, Farah Fawcett was going through the same ordeal and it was published on TV all the time. I kept thinking how fortunate I was to NOT be rich because I choose something simple that worked while those who can afford it choose something expensive that has no guarantee anyway. Healing must be SIMPLE because God makes it available for ALL HIS CHILDREN!! Who was I to be so blessed to have found CAAT?

I, for one, am a "CAAT-WOMAN"  

Alan Huard

Jeff was my best friend. We knew each other for over 20 years.

Jeff who never smoked, died of lung cancer. One of the 8%, Jeff told me, of people who don't smoke and do have to battle with the disease.

Jeff was a chemist by trade. He always took good care of his health. Although he was not a doctor, he knew more about how the body works than I ever did, or anybody else in our circle of friends for that matter.

Late in the fall 2007, after suffering a persistent cough, Jeff saw a physician to determine the cause. Then came the tests... and a diagnosis of lung cancer.

Jeff underwent surgery and 1/2 of his left lung was removed.

Then came the really bad news. The cancer had spread to his chest wall and was inoperable. So instead of being on the road to recovery after the surgery, he was now faced with the most daunting prospects for the future.

He was told that the prognosis was bleak and that it was time to begin "Getting his affairs in order". Jeff was told that the life expectancy for someone with his condition was six months, could be more could be less. He, told me, he reasoned that if other people with his condition were expected to live "six months, more or less" he was going to find out how to be one of the people on the MORE side of the equation.

Jeff and members of his family began doing extensive research in the field of cancer treatments, alternative treatments, holistic treatments, and "Hail Mary" experimental treatments. They talked to many doctors, searched the web, local libraries, talked to other patients, and would have gone anywhere in the world in the hope of staving off the debilitating effects of cancer while enjoying some semblance of "Quality of life".

Then, upon the advise of another patient, they found the AP John website and everything he needed to know about the benefits of adding Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT) as a nutritional component to battle cancer.

Jeff, having a background in the sciences, and after talking to the people at AP John,came to the conclusion that the AP John Protocol Provided Significant benefits with no known side effects or interaction issues. In his further inquiries he found out that the AP John Protocol operates synergistically. It works in concert to enhance the effectiveness of any other standard forms of treatment as well as providing it's own cancer fighting components. If he was to get on the AP John program he could continue with the treatments he was receiving from his Doctors and add another weapon in his battle with cancer.

Jeff did further research in to AP John and found that the science was valid. The founder of the firm, AP John SR. was a noted scientist and cancer researcher who worked with the top people in his field, (at Sloan Kettering NY and MD Anderson TX) and had be asked to speak about alternative or complimentary cancer treatments to several austere and august bodies, including the United States Congress.

Jeff told me CAAT therapy fights cancer by starving the cancer cells (causing Apoptosis, or cell death in cancer cells) by strictly controlling the patients diet. (Jeff later told me the diet was awful, but he felt it was an acceptable trade off for another sunrise).

Jeff decided to enroll in the AP John program. He never had to leave home. All of the necessary consultation could be handled by phone. He felt that the people at AP John really cared and always had time for him. Jeff died in the winter of 2010, almost three and a half years after his surgery, far longer that his doctors thought he would.

During the three and a half years after his surgery, I was with Jeff as often as I could be (we lived in different states) and he always seemed to be "normal". He was not sickly or bedridden. He was clear in his thoughts and did not feel the brunt of the effects of the chemo that so often degrades the quality of life in patients receiving the treatment. He always spoke enthusiastically when another report came back from his doctors "the cancer hasn't grown". He attributed the fact that he still felt normal and could function on his own to the benefits of the CAAT therapy he had enrolled in with AP John.

Jeff did eventually succumb to the cancer when it spread to his brain, but he attributed the extra time he had and the "Quality of life" he enjoyed to a great degree to CAAT therapy.

So if you, or someone you know is battling cancer I urge you to do the research, be proactive in your treatments, and seriously consider CAAT therapy as a means to battle cancer to the fullest.

Jeff's friend,  Alan Huard

"Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light." - Dylan Thomas

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I am diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer and start CAAT and femara 2 months ago. My CA 27-29 dropped 57 points. I look forward to my clear diagnosis....

- Katreese

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