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BCC Research Publishes A New Report On Global Cancer Profiling Technologies Market • Jan 14, 2014

This report from BCC Research is an exhaustive study on the cancer profiling and pathways, giving crucial statistics and analysis on the market structure, market size, key technologies, and segments, important trends in technology development, next-generation technologies, major opportunities and market shares of key players and innovative drugs. See Full Article »

"Quadruple helix" DNA • Jan 22, 2013

Cambridge University scientists say they have seen four-stranded DNA at work in human cells for the first time. See Full Article »

CHO diets prevent cancer • Oct 8, 2012

A Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet Slows Tumor Growth and Prevents Cancer Initiation See Full Article »

Natural Cancer Treatment Alternatives • Mar 1, 2011

Are you interested in natural cancer treatment information? If you are, there’s a wealth of information available for many cancer treatment methods that are alternative or complementary to traditional approaches. Many experts recommend a multipronged approach as the way to give you the best chance of fighting the disease. See Full Article »

Colorectal Cancer Treatment Options • Mar 1, 2011

Colorectal cancer is reaching epidemic proportions even though this cancer is easily treatable if detected early. Colorectal cancer treatment options decrease in its later stages. Treatment varies, and the earlier the disease is detected, the better are the chances of survival. See Full Article »

Helpful Information about Cervical Cancer • Mar 1, 2011

Cervical cancer is one of the most preventable types of cancer. It can be a relatively simple matter to keep this cancer from spiralling out of control because it can take years to develop. Pap smears can easily detect precancerous cervical cells so that treatment can take place and be effective before they become malignant and possibly spread to other areas of the body. See Full Article »

Breast Cancer Treatment • Mar 1, 2011

Breast cancer treatment options are something that someone newly diagnosed with cancer will want to discuss right away. The earlier you look at the various breast cancer treatment option plans, the better your chances of recovery and remission. If there are questions about a breast cancer treatment option plan, the patient may decide to look at more than one doctor or clinic for answers or for a breast cancer new treatment that might be experimental.   See Full Article »
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The following is a summary of my cancer diagnosis (hepatocellular carcinoma) and treatment to date... One of the indicators of liver cancer was a high AFP (Alpha Fetal...

- James P Dailey

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