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If You're Cancer Prone

For those of us who have had the terrible experience of cancer and for the lucky, survived, it is a life changing experience.   One has to become selfish and that can be hard especially for women who are accustomed to being the "caregiver."  Learn to say no, choose your activities carefully and always try to do what pleases you.  Eating right is extremely important as is exercise.  Choose the exercise that is the most comfortable for you, not necessarily what everyone else is doing. Annual checkups are a must.  Find a doctor who you can relate to and feel completely comfortable with.  If you're going to a doctors' visit for results, always bring a family member or a friend who can take notes and listen.  I guarantee once you leave the office you won't remember a thing but you'll have your notes and the other party can tell you what you may have missed as a result of jittery nerves.

Don't overload yourself with information, it can be overwhelming.  Educate yourself at a comfortable pace.  Do whatever you feel you need to do for yourself not necessarily what others recommend.

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- James P Dailey

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